Case Study: Original Body Design

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Original Body Design was ready to take the next big step in growing their business, and came to ALX for guidance. Original Body Design wanted to spread their unique message as far as possible between their two locations in Beverly, MA and Bristol, UK. Original Body Design recognized the need for a professional fitness and well-being blog, that would attract organic visitors and lead them to sign up for the OBD Transformation Program. Just like the clients they work with, OBD was committed to their own transformation as a serious, organized, and easily accessible source of fitness information and inspiration. ALX created a beautiful new website for OBD with a serene color palette and an approachable interface. It was important to the owners of Original Body Design that their website immediately capture the interest of those ready to finally give up their unhealthy habits, and encourage them to sign up without intimidating them. ALX created an integrated homepage that offers an assortment of information to those who land on it. Lifestyle blog posts for those who just want to learn more, an intake form for those ready to take the leap, and inspiration for those who aren’t quite sure about their next step. ALX provided WordPress training so the owners of OBD could easily update their own website. Fresh information is key to attracting potential customers, so a thorough WordPress tutorial was vital to this project.


Original Body Design was working with a logo that they loved, but benefited from a modern update. ALX worked on improving the existing logo, with detailed attention to the typography and graphic treatments. The new OBD logo is clean, professional, and easily transferable into a variety of business applications including business cards, signs, stationary, and uniforms.