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Seasonally Updating your Facebook Fanpage

Above you can see an updated version of the Facebook Fanpage for Essencia Salon Spa & Boutique with a very festive looking theme. Every holiday and/or season, Essencia updates their Facebook Fanpage to increase recognition of their brand through the seasons and to show their activity on Facebook. If you are a business owner, I would suggest making these visual changes at least quarterly …

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Finding Color Inspiration in Everyday Objects

There is one key rule that every artist should recognize. There is no such thing as a good color only good color relationships. So when I’m out and about and I see something that catches my eyes I try to memorize the pallet because it demanded my attention. Practice this frequently and you will have a library of color combinations to pull …

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How to Improve your Website's About Page

Almost as important as your homepage is the about page. It’s your opportunity to build rapport with your guests — a chance to introduce yourself and to explain the aim of your website. Here are some tips that’ll have your page in excellent shape. Offer your name. It’s blatantly obvious, yet so many pages don’t get personal. Include a photo. …

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A Guide to Creating Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are hotter than ever. They’re a great extension to your business’ communication toolkit and offer you and your clients an excellent channel by which you can reach potential and existing customers. In this article, we’ll explore common design patterns of email newsletters and learn which approaches work well, so that you’ll be prepared to create one for yourself and your clients. …

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Designing and Producing Creative Business Cards

Plenty of creative business card showcases are available out there. Many of these are beautifully done and well thought out, and they serve as inspiration for those who would like their business card to be more than the standard rectangular piece of paper. Yet little explanation accompanies these examples, and figuring out just how to bring your idea to life …

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A day in the life of a Graphic Designer

Most people have a few ideas of a graphic designer… which usually entail drawing pretty pictures most of the day. I have been interviewed by a few university students wanting to know more about the industry and what they are getting themselves in for so I thought I would write a blog post on it to give everyone an insight.First …

Avoid getting burned by SEO Scams

With the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being widely used, many self-titled “SEO Experts” have popped up, making unrealistic promises and offering guaranteed rankings. Nowadays, you can’t go more than a few hours without receiving some spam email about Search Engine Optimization, or a cold call from an “SEO guru” who can make all your Internet Marketing dreams come true. …

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ALX Agency – Fast Turnover

We pride ourselves on quality, consistency and fast delivery. Occasionally, there may be factors (special requests, unclear instructions, production problems etc.) that might cause an order to be delayed. We rarely miss our delivery times however they are not guaranteed and do not include Holidays or transit times. Rush service is available for most of our services, lab schedules permitting.

February Special – Current Clients Only

In order to show how much we appreciate the patronage of our clients, we are offering this great deal. While other companies put their effort on getting new clients, we concentrate in a way to show our appreciation and respect for our current clients. New businesses are welcome and they may qualify for one of our Daily Specials also.

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Manage your own Website

A web design package from ALX means you never pay extra for minor changes to your content. Here is how it works: 1 – ALX designs your vision for your site 2- YOU approve the design – or request adjustments if needed. 3- ALX develops your website in a Content Management System (CMS) 4- YOU receive special training from ALX  YOU learn …

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Rebranding Your Logo – Why and What Works

It is no secret that the world as we know it is in a constant state of change. So much so that some may argue that the meaning of life itself is to progress. The problem with this growing and ever changing world that we live in is that most of us are always looking for the next big thing. …

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The Future of Advertising

Humans evolved to use their resources. We grew societies out of gathering around locations with clean water, abundance of food, and a safe place to sleep. We know about our history, our environment, and our society thanks to our greatest resource of the modern age: information. Mass access to information is a privilege that is unique to this generation of …

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A new year, a new focus, a new ALX

We are proud to announce the inauguration of ALX Agency, a new faction of our company. On January 1st, 2014 ALX Agency opened for business, expanding on the services previously offered by ALX Visual Communications. Alex Andrade, President of ALX, is excited to lead a new 3-tier company, which will offer new services and create new departments to tightly focus …