Case Study : Boston Wax Museum

The Boston Wax Museum is scheduled to open next spring near the City Hall Plaza. It’ll be the first U.S. venture from Dreams Entertainment Group, a company based in Brazil. The Boston Wax Museum team had achieved success among tourists in Brazil and became widely known as one of the go-to attractions in Brazil.


Boston Wax Museum’s new 16,000-square-foot space at 1 Washington Mall will feature wax figure of influential Bostonians, entertainment, and sports icons.

Logo Design

Boston Wax Museum wanted a unique logo design to stand apart from the crowd. We took it a step further and branded their very own font style by patenting the tassles on the A’s within the logo. To bring in some childlike whimsy, we used a small child sitting down to form the L within this logo. The child is used to represent bringing back that childhood wonder in museums.


Business Card Design

Nothing is more striking within the wax museum then Boston Wax Museum’s life-like figures. We wanted to make the viewer question whether they were looking at a wax figure or a real person, further making it clear the pain staking effort that the artists go through to bring the wax figures to life.

The golden aura on the business cards in the imperial structure guides the observer to a dreamy reality.


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